Coastal Inns is your Maritime home away from home, but while we provide you with a great night’s rest and only the best service, often times you find yourself searching for a place to eat. Chain restaurants are great, but it is easy to become bored with the same food in the same atmosphere. To help, we have compiled three local restaurants close to each of our locations that will provide you a new experience and amazing cuisine!



  1. Ela!
    Stepping into Ela! feels as though you’ve stepped off of a plane onto Greece soil. The atmosphere and cuisine are authentic, yet full of flavour. They use local ingredients and are known for their feta cheese cake. It’s a must-try!
  2. Chef Abod Cafe + Eatery
    Described as the “best Middle Eastern food in Halifax”, Chef Abod’s is the place to go for a truly unique food experience. After working as a personal chef for a Saudi Prince, Chef Abod moved to Canada and began his very own cuisine palace. It’s an extravagant experience without an extravagant price.
  3. Susie’s Shortbreads + Cupcakes
    Have you already indulged in a meal, but could use a little something sweet? Pop into Susie’s for a delightful cupcake, a few cookies or maybe even a cake to take back to the hotel! They have mini and vegan options to make sure you leave happy.



  1. Ship Victory
    For a truly Maritime experience, take a seat at Ship Victory and order up some seafood. While staying in your home away from home, this restaurant wants to make sure you can also get a home cooked meal. It’s a place for comfort and laughter.
  2. The Wooden Monkey
    As written on their website, the Wooden Monkey pride themselves in “…using locally grown organic produce, we not only ensure the quality of the food we serve…but we provide material support for the local farmers.” They have been open for over a decade and are award winners for their food and service. You know your meal at the Wooden Monkey will be memorable.
  3. Battery Park
    If beers and burgers are more your style, Battery Park has what you want! Order up the JugHead with a House-Made Soda and relax with a few friends, or take in the atmosphere alone while sipping on one of the 13 rotating East Coast brews. It’s a great place to feel at home when your own couch is miles away.



  1. Sydney Street Pub + Cafe
    In the spring of April 2015, a couple who hail from Montreal and the Netherlands started their dream pub and today it is one of the best in Digby. Try their Catch of the Day or order up a Veggie Burger and enjoy the beautiful Maritime views. They’re truly some of the best!
  2. Churchill’s Restaurant + Lounge
    Are you an avid golfer? Why not play a round at Digby Pines and then enjoy a bite to eat at Churchill’s, they’re all in the same place. Providing “new twists on old favourites” is what makes them unique. If you find yourself there during a beautiful Nova Scotia morning, try their breakfast buffet – it’s superb!
  3. The Crow’s Nest
    A casual dinner stop with a million dollar view, the Crow’s Nest is your place for burgers and seafood. It’s a great place to bond with the family on summer vacation or to reconnect with an old friend. If you’d rather enjoy the comfort of your Coastal Inns room, they offer a great take out service as well.



  1. The Waffle Bus Stop
    What do burgers, desserts and sandwiches all have in common? At this restaurant, they all come on waffles! Try the waffle grilled cheese or the s’more campfire special – you won’t believe your eyes, or taste buds!  They also offer refreshing smoothies and iced coffee to top off your unreal meal.
  2. The Townhouse Brewpub + Eatery
    “A proper local, a neighborhood pub…” The Townhouse is a community supported pub where they brew their own British style ales and serve comfort foods made with local ingredients. If you’re lucky, you might end up there on a show night, a night when you can enjoy live music with your food!
  3. Brownstone Restaurant
    With a beautiful red striped awning and surrounded by brick walls, the Brownstone is a warm and inviting family restaurant. Don’t forget to look up – the ceiling is covered in gorgeous metallic tile. Accompany the atmosphere with a handmade pizza or perfectly grilled panini.



  1. Calactus
    Vegan or vegetarian and looking for a unique place to eat? Calactus has many options for you! Enjoy a grilled veggie quesadilla or a plate of mushroom cannelloni prepared just for you. On your way out, grab some fair trade coffee or a vegan dessert to go!
  2. St. James Gate
    Feeling a bit fancy? Out for date night? St. James Gate is a restaurant to remember! From the truffle fries to the seafood risotto, every bite is better than the one before. Prepare to spend a bit more cash, but the surroundings and the delicious flavors will be worth every penny.
  3. St. Louis Bar + Grill
    Sit back and enjoy ribs with a beer at St. Louis. A perfect place for the whole family to enjoy, but especially the sports lovers! There are new deals every day and a great meal for everyone to enjoy. Try their Taco Saturdays or pop in for a half-price burger on Wednesday!



  1. Napul’e Food + Wine
    What comes to mind when you think of a wood-fired oven? Pizza. Margherita, Primavera, Quattro Formaggi – they’re all on the menu! Don’t forget to add a glass of wine or a cappuccino for the true Italian experience in the beautiful New Brunswick.
  2. Cackling Goose Market
    Sensitive to gluten, but craving a good treat? Head over to the Cackling Goose Market! From sandwiches to smoothies to decadent desserts, you can eat it all! It’s a great stop for lunch before enjoying an exciting day in Sackville.
  3. Downtown Diner
    An intimate place to enjoy some downtime with the family. The Downtown Diner strives to be an affordable place without costing you flavor. Enjoy your favorite dishes – diner style.


If you choose one of these locations, make sure to let us know! We’d love to make sure our list is up to date and maybe even add a few more in the future! At Coastal Inns, you’re family and we want to make sure there’s a smile on your face and that your stomach is full!

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