travelling with pets

As the weather gets colder and the holidays come upon us, you are probably making plans to travel near and far to visit loved ones. Whether you are going to be away from home for a few days or a few weeks, it is important to consider your pets and where they will go. Many opt for a kennel or pet hotel and others decide to take their animals on the trip. If you have chosen the latter, we have a few tips to help keep you and your pet safe and happy on the long journey.



A few weeks before your long trip, begin to take your pet on shorter trips – ¬†just around the city or to run errands if that is possible. Watch your animal’s behavior: do they get sick? Do they seem anxious? This way you can fix any problems beforehand and avoid mishaps on the day of your trip.



Make sure your pet has its collar or microchip before your day of travel. This way if your pet happens to run from the vehicle or explores their new territory during your travel, you can feel reassured that they will be returned to you.



It is a good idea to make a packing list for your pet to make sure you’re not missing anything. This could include:

  • travel papers
  • food and dishes
  • leash
  • waste scoop
  • plastic bags
  • grooming supplies
  • medications
  • pet first aid kit
  • favorite toy
  • animal bed with pillow or blanket



Safety is a huge thing to remember when traveling with animals. They, like humans, have rules that will prevent them from being hurt or getting sick. When driving, always use a pet barrier, seat belt, car seat or travel crate made for animals to keep you from getting distracted while driving. Make sure that your pet always keeps their head and paws inside the vehicle. Letting them stick anything out the window could cause ear damage, lung infections or an injury from flying objects.



Along the way, make sure to break at least once every three hours. This gives your pet a chance to use the washroom, run around and have a drink of water. It is a good idea to bring your own jugs of water for the trip to avoid any unfamiliar bacteria that could cause sickness.


By following these simple tips, your holiday travel will be much more enjoyable and your pet will be able to celebrate the Christmas season with you and your loved ones. They will be spoiled with lots of treats and extra snuggles – a Christmas present they’ll love.

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